British Psychological Society Division of Counselling Psychology Conference (6th-7th July 2018): Understanding difficulties with grief in the context of ‘death etiquette’ (poster)

Dead Good Festival, York (19th May 2018): Continuing Bonds and the Ancient Dead

Remember Me. The Changing Face of Memorialisation: Interdisciplinary Conference, Hull (5th-7th April 2018): Memorialisation Past and Present: Continuing Bonds in a Global World

APM Supportive & Palliative Care Conference, Bournemouth (16th-18th March 2018):

Paper: What value and contribution can archaeology give to end-of-life practitioners?

Poster: The role of nurses in care of the dead person

Poster: Are modern day palliative care nurses ritual specialists?

Theoretical Archaeology Group conference, Cardiff (18th-20th December 2017): Continuing Bonds and the Ancient Dead

Death, Dying and Disposal 13: Ritual, Religion and Magic Conference (6th-10th September 2017): Magic, Mystery and the Technology of Dealing with the Dead/Death Etiquette: Findings from the Continuing Bonds Study

Leeds Bereavement Forum Conference, Thackray Medical Museum, (21st June 2017): Living with Dying: Past, Present and Future

Museums and Academics Interdisciplinary Networking Event, Leeds (18th May 2017), 12:30-16:00: The Continuing Bonds Project: Using the Past to Inform the Present

82nd Society of American Archaeology Annual Meeting, Vancouver (29th March-2nd April 2017): Manipulating Bodies Past & Present: The Continuing Bonds Project

Theoretical Archaeology Group conference, Southampton (19th-21st December 2016): ‘Grave Goods’ and ‘Continuing Bonds’: The Impact of Archaeology on Modern Perceptions of Death, Dying and Bereavement

Death and Culture, University of York (1st-3rd September 2016): Archaeology Meets end-of-life Care: Cultural Understandings of Death and Dying

The Big Conversation: Let’s Talk Death, University of Bradford (16th May 2016): Legacy, Grief, Memorialisation: Continuing Bonds, Past & Present

Crossing Over Network Conference, Sheffield (16th March 2016): Objects as Untold Stories

The 11th Palliative Care Congress, Glasgow (9-11th March 2016): Continuing Bonds: Archaeology meets end-of-life care

The 10th Palliative Care Congress, Harrogate (12-14th March 2014): Archaeological Research and Contemporary Attitudes to Death and Dying

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