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About the Creative Dissemination Project


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Wetwang Slack chariot burial, © Aaron Watson, Melanie Giles.


Following on from the Continuing Bonds study is the Creative Dissemination project. As a result of follow-on funding for Impact and Engagement awarded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Creative Dissemination project continues with the original drive to normalise death, dying, bereavement and grief in contemporary society. To do this, stories, experiences and opinions given in the original workshops together with archaeological materials are being used as inspiration for creative writing and poetry. We will look at themes like remembering/forgetting the dead, contentious resting sites, keeping the dead, memorialising through objects and treatment of the body after death.

The project runs for 9 months and is led by Principal Investigator Dr Karina Croucher (University of Bradford) and Co-Investigators Dr Jennie Dayes  (University of Bradford) and Dr Melanie Giles  (University of Manchester). Participants are invited to three creative writing workshops and to contribute to an anthology and celebration event. The anthology and workshop materials will be hosted online to encourage others to hold similar writing events, write about death, dying and grief issues, and to engage an even wider audience on the topic.


What’s happening soon?

Workshops are being held in Bradford on the 13th March, 3rd April, 5th June 2019, in Manchester on the 11th March, 1st April, 3rd June 2019 and in Sheffield on the 12th March, 2nd April and 4th June 2019, beginning at 7pm and ending at 8.30pm. (Venue information to follow shortly). Participants are asked to attend all three workshops in their chosen city. For more information or to book your place, email

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